MLG to Produce 6-10 Hours of 'ESPN-Style' Content a Week

Major League Gaming is on the rise, and they're looking to capitalize on that momentum by expanding the scope of their online coverage. MLG recently noted that "Online Engagement" of their broadcasts had increased to an average of 169 minutes per viewer, from a previous 150 minutes at their Winter Championship. The organization feels the time is now right to make a huge push to establish their eSports broadcasts as mainstream pastime.

To accomplish this, they've made commentator Chris Puckett their new Vice President of Programming. His job will be to develop 6-10 hours of original "ESPN-style" content a week to air on weeknights at This will include highlights, strategy reports, interviews, analysis, and of course, actual competition.

Co-founder and CEO Sundance DiGiovanni stated:

Our goal has always been for MLG to become a recognized sport and our online broadcasts and 24/7 programming is the best way to reach a growing and captivated sports-centric audience. In the last few years, more 18-24 males have watched our Championship competitions online than top traditional sports broadcasts online. The appetite and audience is there and we are poised to deliver.

The next major MLG event will be a Pro Circuit Championship in Columbus, Ohio on November 22-24. Broadcasting plans should be announced in the coming weeks.



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