Monopoly to Replace One of the Classic Pieces

Who will lose… and who will win? A Monopoly board game piece is going to be removed, and you have the power to decide which one it’ll be! With Hasbro’s "Save Your Token" campaign, fans have the ability to vote for their favorite Monopoly token to remain in the game. The Candidates: the shoe, wheelbarrow, Scottie dog, top hat, thimble, iron, race car, and battleship. Whichever of these pieces has the lowest votes as of February 5th will be removed from the iconic game...forever. On the bright side? A new token has the chance to join the pack!

Fans will also get the ability to vote for a new piece to be added to the game! The competitors: a cat, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter, and a toy robot.

They’re trying to give Monopoly a new image. In a world filled with smart phones, tablets, touch screens, and flat screens, board games took a hit to their electronic counterparts. With a new piece? Who knows?! It may be just the spark needed to keep Rich Uncle Pennybags alive! I’m just glad the cannon isn’t in the running to be dropped. Now, GO!



[via USA Today]

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