M:TG Announces 'Modern Masters,' a Limited Run Set Including Tarmogoyf!

Many Magic: The Gathering players have been clamoring for a reprint of Tarmogoyf, a rare that's been hovering around the $80 mark for years. Well, Wizards has delivered, sort of. At Pro Tour: Return to Ravnica, Aaron Forsythe was on hand to announce "Modern Masters," a limited run set targeted at players of the "modern" format. The 229 card set will include picks from 8th Edition to Alara Reborn, including the aforementioned Tarmogoyf, revealed below.

The set will feature 15 mythics, 53 rares, 60 Uncommons, and 101 Commons, and will feature foils in place of basic lands. Some of the card rarities have been altered, my guess would be a number of expensive modern staples moving into the "mythic" category. 20-30 of the cards will also feature new art, and many token types will be printed for the first time.

Modern Masters was designed with drafts in mind by Lead Developer Erik Lauer, and will be featured in a Limited Grand Prix next year.

The only downside is the price, with boosters clocking in at $6.99 each. Ouch, pricy. Still, it'd be nearly worth an entire box just to pull one Tarmogoyf, so why not, let's gamble a little.

Check out the recently spoiled Tarm below, the full set will be released on June 7th, 2013.




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