MTG: The First 'Gatecrash' Spoilers Leak

Gatecrash, the second set in the Ravnica block, is still a few months off (February 1 to be exact), but spoilers have already begun leaking on... Craigslist? Well, I guess that convenient if you're into Magic as well as casual sex with strangers. I probably shouldn't have said "leaking." The cards themselves are pretty interesting though, including a new three mana planewalker! Check them out below.

Now, full disclosure, we have no idea if these are legit or not. They look pretty real, but you can be the judge.

The first up is an eight mana creature, expensive I know, but his abilities are pretty interesting.

In addition to a beater with trample, he also provides free lightning bolts, making him quite the game-ender if you have enough lands in your hand. Most G/R decks won't have any way to cheat him into play, but in the right deck... he could make for some good times.

The next card packs an even crazier mana cost (twelve!), but it's got the potential to make every combo player wet themselves.

Enter the Infinite basically gives you two turns (including the one you played it on) to win the game. And if you can't win with every card in your deck, you probably weren't going to anyways.

Of course, what set would be complete without dragons.

Hellkote Tyant's alternate win condition seems fairly unlikely, but a 6/5 flying trampler for six is nothing to sniff at. Not to mention you get to steal all the artifacts your opponent controls, permanently.

Next we have another mythic creature, this one clocking in at only six (and if titans have taught us anything, six is pretty manageable).

The fact that he has haste pretty much makes this card. Drop this card on turn six, swing for the fences, then try it again. It seems like a pretty decent, albeit slower and costlier, alternative to Sublime Archangel (which by the way, is still hovering around $18, yeesh).

Lastly, we have a new planeswalker! He's no Lilly, but with three starting loyalty, and the ability to either act as draw or removal as soon as he hits play, he's definitely playable.


Gatecrash will hit on February 1, with prereleases on January 26 and 27. Game Days will follow on February 23 and 24.



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