MTG: The 'Gatecrash' Spoilers Have Begun

Our first look at Gatecrash, the next Magic: The Gathering set in the Ravnica block, came in the form of a number of leaked photos back in November. Earlier this week however, Wizards was kind enough to release the first official spoilers, and they're definitely worth a look.

The four cards introduce four brand new mechanics.

"Bloodrush" allows you to discard cards with the ability to pump up one of your attacking creatures.

"Battalion" triggers an effect whenever a creature with the ability attacks alongside two or more creatures.

"Evolve" places +1/+1 counters on a creature whenever a bigger creature comes into play.

Finally, "Extort" lets you pay mana whenever you play a spell to simultaneously ping and gain life.

Check out all four cards below. Gatecrash will hit on February 1, with prereleases on January 26 and 27. Game Days will follow on February 23 and 24.




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