In My Day, We Watched the 'Rocko' Pilot

Welcome back to your weekly dose of nostalgia! Today we will be discussing the pilot and overall beginnings to this aussie-om (see what I did there) show!


Trash-O-Madness (Pilot)

In the very first episode of Rocko we are introduced to our main character and his ever devoted young pup, Spunky. Rocko is rudely awakened by his dogs rumbling stomach and soon realizes he forgot to put the trash out. While trying to get his trash to the curb, Rocko is faced with a vicious dog at his doorstep.

I really hate to say that I didn’t particularly enjoy this one; it could be that it was just too tame compared to the rest of the series (it’s the pilot after all) or maybe it’s that I hadn’t actually watched the pilot before. The animation kind of threw me off and it just fell flat. There were hardly any jokes and it seemed somewhat of a Looney Tune ripoff given the slapstick comedy.

However, it did introduce the audience to Rocko pretty well (despite being yellow). Rocko was always a loving and helpful guy no matter what. In the pilot we see his compassion for Spunky that he always had no matter what kind of trouble he got into and that really opened the door for other characters to come in. Plus, we get to see his trademark “brain pop” that came to be a regular gag. I suppose it’s saying a lot about test audience’s then and now because if Dora went around with her melon cracking open every time she ran into the Swiper I’m pretty sure there would be less Spanish speaking 4 year olds today.

So is this episode really quintessential to your viewing experience? No, not really. It doesn’t really add anything to series.  However if you are like me and need to see every episode of everything ever then you can find it on YouTube here!


RATING: 4/10 Stars



Fun Facts:

  • Rocko was originally yellow in the pilot but was soon changed to beige because the network already had a yellow character.
  • The opening is just a sequence of scenes from the pilot episode
  • Heffer was not included in the pilot because the creators thought he would be too weird for test audiences



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