Jynelle's Top Ten Baddest Butt Kicking Beauties of the Last Ten Years

It’s February! Soon everything will be pink, and hearts, and girls swooning all over the place. I just wanted to remind all of you that girls have a lot of range. They can swoon one moment, and roundhouse kick you in the face the next. Here’s a list of my top ten baddest butt kicking beauties of the last ten years.


10. Gemma Morrow - Sons of Anarchy (TV Series, 2008)

You want to talk about being one bad mother? Gemma will kick anyone’s butt that tries to mess with her family. She’s not exactly a role model for all the young mothers out there, but her intentions are always for what’s best for her family. Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.



9. Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones (TV Series, 2011)

Speaking of mothers, the mother of dragons will take what's hers with fire and blood! You have to love the intensity Daenerys brings. She may look like a sweet, innocent, naïve little girl, but she'll burn her enemies alive. Literally. Or seal them in a vault for betraying her, whatevs. 



8. Fox - Wanted (Movie, 2008)

She puts the “ass” in assassin, doesn’t she? The baddest thing about this Fox might be her nonchalant attitude, or her ability to kill you with a bullet even if you aren’t in her line of sight.



7.  Elphaba - Wicked (Musical, 2005)

Watch the show and you’ll get it. And probably a $75 hoodie during intermission.



6. Hit Girl (Movie, 2010)

She's a masked superhero who kicks ass and takes names. She also happens to be eleven years old. Think that's cute? I'm betting you won't think it's so cute when she guts you with her knife.



5. Zoe Washburne - Serenity (Movie, 2005)

Zoe fought in an intergalactic revolutionary war between the Alliance and the Independents. While she was on the losing side, she still managed to move on with her head, and guns, held high. She's loyal, unapologetic, brave, wise, and great with a rifle. What does that make her? A big, damn hero, sir.



4. Michonne - The Walking Dead (TV Series, 2011)

In the middle of the zombie apocalypse in Georgia, Michonne’s weapon of choice is a samurai sword. Dude, that is so badass.



3. Bella Swan - Twilight series (Book, 2008)

Ha! Yeah, right.



3. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Series (Final Movie Premiered in 2011)

She's the brains of the operation in the stand against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. She's compassionate, clever, and in the middle of war, she still found time to read, and she didn’t even have a kindle!



2. Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games (Book, 2008)

Instead of ribbons and bows, Katniss plays with bows and arrows. She has been providing for her family since her father died in the coal mines when she was eleven. She won the Hunger Games without losing her humanity, and she'd never jump off a cliff because some stupid boy dumped her. But, she certainly would volunteer as tribute to save her little sister. Oh, and there was that revolution thing that happened, remember?



1. Buffy - Buffy (Last Episode Aired in 2003)

She's blonde, a former cheerleader, speaks fluent valley girl, and hangs out in cemeteries. Buffy is strong (like supernaturally strong), smart (she scored a 1430 on the SATs), and was literally chosen to be the slayer of vampires and other scary things that go bump in the night. She barely made the list because it's been ten years since Buffy went off the air. Of course, Buffy fans can still catch her adventures via comic books, but there's something about seeing it on the screen. You can, however, watch most of the old Scooby Gang do spots on How I Met Your Mother. I wonder when SMG will get to do a guest appearance...  maybe she’s the mother! Ha!



What did you think of our list? Is anyone missing? Or maybe you really did think Bella Swan had a rightful place in the top ten? Let us know in the comments sections below!



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