Never Fear! 'Human Centipede 3' Will Continue to Scar You

The Human Centipede series is quite possibly one of the most disturbing series to be created with any sort of a budget. We haven’t seen depravity like this since the exploitation explosion of the 70s. Being an apprehensive fan of these films, I was concerned when I heard about the lawsuit between director Tom Six (he sounds like a porn star, right?) and lead villain from the first film Dieter Laser.

Apparently Dieter got somewhat of a “big head” and was demanding script changes and other things that Six deemed “unacceptable”. I think we all know that no one has a bigger head than Six when it comes to his films. Thankfully (or unthankfully depending on your viewing preferences) the two settled it and have now confirmed that shooting will start shooting in May.

The makers of barf bags everywhere rejoice!

For more from Six himself you can find him on twitter @tom_six and get the latest and greatest juicy bits from the mouthwatering series.




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