The New 'Last Exorcism' Trailer Doesn't Seem Much like the First 'Last Exorcism'

In the strong tradition of movies like First Blood Part II and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, the second and probably not final Last Exorcism is boldly going where no title should. Unfortunate titling aside, the new film is a direct continuation of the first, minus the found footage style and general mystery as to whether or not anything supernatural is actually going on.

That's a shame, and this new entry looks significantly more like a generic demon possession story. If you're hell-bent (see what I did there?) on seeing where the new story goes though, The Last Exorcism Part II opens on March 1st, 2013.

Give the trailer a watch below.



Continuing where the first film left off, Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is found terrified and alone in rural Louisiana. Back in the relative safety of New Orleans, Nell realizes that she can’t remember entire portions of the previous months only that she is the last surviving member of her family. Just as Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other, unimaginably horrific plans that mean her last exorcism was just the beginning.



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