New Music Monday: Bosnian Rainbows, Middle Class Rut and More!!

Welcome back to New Music Monday, where we attempt to shake off the hangover that was the weekend and prepare to cope with another work week by looking at all of the great new music that's going to be released this week. Some of it you may have heard, and some of it may come as a surprise, but I'll do my best to tell you what to seek out and what to avoid this week. So squeegee your third eye everyone, let's look into the future and see what you'll be listening to this weekend.

The Big News!

Well, really, there is no big news. After the barrage of blockbuster releases of the last few weeks (Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Kanye West) things are kind of chill on the new release calender at the moment. Unless you consider a new Bret Michaels record to be a big deal (I don't), or have some strange masochistic need for a whole record of Natalie Cole singing en Espanol (ugh).

The closest thing to a big, new, exciting record this week is the debut self-titled release from Bosnian Rainbows the new project from former Mars Volta mastermind Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Mars Volta fanatics won't be disappointed, but I just found myself wishing that the record was a little more "out there", I guess. Don't get me wrong, songs like "Always on the Run" are as fucked up and trippy as anything Rodriguez-Lopez has ever done, and vocalist Teri Gender Bender is mesmerizing, it's just that there are parts of the record that have a strong early '80's feel.

Alternative Radio

The new Middle Class Rut record Pick Up Your Head will be released this week. The lead single "Aunt Betty" sounds like a Janes Addiction b-side to me.

My Recommendation

I'm a sucker for some sassy, filthy garage rock. The new Bass Drum of Death record has exactly what I need.


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