New Report Suggests Xbox 720 Will Launch in November at $500

Paul Thurrott, a noted Windows blogger, has stated on his website that Microsoft’s recently confirmed next-generation Xbox will launch in November at a price of $500.  This will have the Xbox 720 going head to head with the Playstation 4, which is also heavily rumored to debut in November. 

According to Thurrott's report, there will also be an Xbox 720 priced at $300, but this model requires a two commitment to Xbox Live Gold at a price of $10 a month. 

Thurrott also states that the May 21st reveal is only the first of many for the Xbox 720.  A second event is scheduled to follow at E3, this year, in June.  The launch lineup will supposedly be revealed at this event, followed by a third event to take place at the Build Conference scheduled for late June in San Francisco. 

It is believed that the core version of the platform is based on Windows 8, that the system has a Blu-ray optical drive, and that will require an internet connection to function.

According to Thurrott, “This feature isn’t as Draconian as many seem to believe.” 

Thurrott also claims that a third generation Xbox, to be released in 2013, will be “significantly less expensive” and is codenamed “Stingray”.

More news as it develops.



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