New 'Twilight Zone' Series On the Way, Bryan Singer to Executive Produce

Imagine if you will a television show years ahead of its time, a show that moved between the lands of shadow and substance, or things and ideas. It seems that very soon we will all once again cross into… The Twilight Zone.

Film director and producer Bryan Singer, of X-men fame, is set to executive produce a new Twilight Zone series for CBS studios. This would be the fourth version of the science fiction anthology to go to air. However, Entertainment Weekly has reported that things are still in the very early stages, so nothing has been set in stone just yet.

For those not familiar, The Twilight Zone was a show created by television producer Rod Sterling, and originally ran from 1959 to 1964. Sterling used paranormal and futuristic premises to explore contemporary cultural issues and human nature.

Here’s the most well known Twilight Zone moment, from the episode Time Enough at Last:




[Via BleedingCool]

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