Next-Gen Xbox May Carry a Higher Monthly Fee than Previously Rumored

Recent rumors indicate that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox may carry a higher monthly fee than we originally believed.  Paul Thurrott reported on his twitter page that the $10 monthly fee for the $299 next-gen Xbox that was previously reported may be wrong.  He now states that the cheaper Xbox model may carry a $15 Xbox Live fee instead.

It has been long rumored that there will be two Xbox models, a $499 standalone version, and a $299 version with a 2 year contract to Xbox Live.  Microsoft has done this same thing in the past when they released the Xbox 360 for $99.  It also had a similar $15 monthly fee.

As it stands now, all of this information is still rumors but everything will be revealed on May 21st when Microsoft holds its Xbox 720 unveiling event.  Many of our questions will be answered then.  You can watch this press event on, Xbox Live or Spike TV.  It is set to begin at 10:00am.



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