Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Only God Forgives' Revealed in Its First Trailer

Only God Forgives, the upcoming Nicolas Winding Refn film, has released a new trailer today that gives a tantalizing glimpse of a movie that some are predicting will sweep the boards at all of major award ceremonies this year. The film stars Ryan Gosling and follows the exploits of Julian, a Bangkok drug smuggler who is told by his mother to hunt down his brother’s killer.

The film will be getting its debut at the famous Cannes Film Festival, where it is competing  for the top prize. While it does have some stiff competition from Polanski’s Venus in Furs and a film by very popular Chinese director Zhang Ke Jia, a lot of critics are putting their weight behind Only God Forgives.

Some doubt Gosling’s ability to play a dark and violent character such as Julian. However, if he did struggle then there is no evidence of it in this trailer where he comes across with real force, giving a sense of power with the sense of a man who is being pushed to the limit by the world around him. 

The film sees general release on the 19th of July but expect to be hearing a lot more about this film before that date, especially if it wins the award at Cannes.




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