Nintendo Direct: Monolith Software Reveals an Upcoming Wii U Title

Monolith Games, the developers behind the fantastic Wii exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles, have revealed their newest game which will be published by Nintendo. Although there isn’t an official title to go with this announcement, it looks to be set in the same universe as Xenoblade, as well as borrowing a number of the real time RPG elements from that game.

The game looks brilliant I think. In the trailer, you can see that this game is going to just as vast and open as Xenoblade Chronicles or maybe even more so. The monsters are awe inspiring and gigantic, like the creatures in Monster Hunter series. And to top it all off the game also has mechs! Yep you heard me, mechs.

Close up the shop people it doesn’t get better than that.

These mech battles really put into perspective how huge these monsters really are. So far there isn’t a release date, so keep your eyes peeled for E3 to hear more about this title   




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