Ouya Arrival Delayed Until Late June

Is it just me, or does the Ouya look like a slightly redesigned GameCube with a slightly redesigned PS2 controller?  Oh well, I am willing to give any game console a chance. Unfortunately, unless you pre-ordered one, you're going to have to wait an additional three weeks before it hits the stores.

The Android-based console is pushing back its general release date to June 25th. 

Chief Executive Julie Uhrman stated in a company blog post, “the console’s original early June launch date will be delayed by three weeks to keep up with the interest seen from gamers and retailers.” 

This delay does not affect any Ouya’s that were pre-ordered.  Customers who pre-ordered a console should receive them by the end of May.

This compact, disc-free, console raised $8.5 million on Kickstarter last July, and promises to upturn the console market and threaten the “big three” of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.  It has received support from both indie developers as well as major game studios such as Square Enix.  Since it utilizes the Android platform, it is said to be a playground for developers and home hackers to customize as they wish. 

Ouya has since been able to raise an additional $15 million in funding,  which will allow them to meet demand and support game developers who are building titles for the platform.

The first versions of Ouya were shipped to backers in March and met with generally negative reviews.  Uhrman said that although essential, the feedback did not tell them anything that they didn’t already know.  Improvements have been made to the initial systems enhancing the hardware and the design of its controller.

With the Xbox 720 being revealed on May 21st and E3 just around the corner, I have to wonder just how fierce the battle for the top spot will be.  Will Ouya be a threat to the “big three?"  Is this the beginning of a disc-free generation?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.



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