PS3 Home Giving Away Three Classic PS1 Games for Completing PS4 Experience Quest

PS3 Home is currently awarding NA players with three free PlayStation games for completing a quest in the new PS4 Experience space. By participating in various tasks, you can get free redemption codes for Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Demolition Derby, all of which are playable on the PS3.

You can begin the quest by booting up PS3 Home, heading to the PS4 Experience, and interacting with the PS Vita in the center of the room. Following the prompts will allow you to complete the quest and unlock the three games.

Warhawk is unlocked by returning to the PS Vita. Demolition Derby is unlocked at the giant screen to the south. Twisted Metal requires you to complete a quiz behind a locked door.

Codes are redeemable through the PSN Store.

A big thanks to DrunkeNinja on Reddit for the heads up.


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