'Psycho' Prequel Show, 'Bates Motel,' Gets Trailer

No mother-son duo is more disturbing than Norman Bates and his mother in Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psycho. Fans of the film should be excited to know that Carlton Cuse, executive producer of Lost, and Kerry Ehrin, screenwriter for Friday Night Lights, feel the same way. With their new series, Bates Motel, set to air on A&E in March of 2013, Cuse and Ehrin felt that this disturbing relationship deserved an in depth exploration and explanation of its origins.

Freddie Highmore will star as the would be murderer and Vera Farmiga will co-star as his mentally disturbed mother. The trailer, which you can watch below, hints at an incestuous relationship between mother and son and what looks like murder and a subsequent cover up. The opportunity to see the creation of a serial killer, especially one of the most frightening in cinematic history, is definitely not one to pass up.




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