A Resolution You'll Fall For: LG Elevator Floor Prank

There is no better marketing campaign than forcing unsuspecting people, who are trying to go about their everyday business, to come face to face with their own mortality. At least that's the philosophy over at LG UK apparently, who have recently released an awesome video on their where they demonstrate how real and lifelike their new monitors are. Naturally, they decided that the best way to do so was to tile the floor of an elevator with the new screens, and then proceed to make it seem like the floor is falling apart; exactly what you want to see when you're riding an elevator.

As one would expect, these unfortunate people were very much unprepared for the floor they were standing on to suddenly disappear. I just hope the LG monitors can be mopped up after what their victims are inevitably going to drop on them.

Do yourself a favor and check out the video below for the two minute video of British people confronting their own imminent demise.



I've watched this video a dozen times now, my favorite is the woman who is very much unpleased and fails to see the humor of the situation. Had I been in that elevator, I would have been the sucker who'd try wedge myself above the floor like you see in all the spy movies, only to fall flat on my face.



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