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I’ve kept track of Fanboys for years. Since the Weinstein refused to release it without their cuts, to the striking of Weinstein Company’s films, to its premiere at Comic-Con, its rumored release around with Clone Wars, to finally now! I know, it was only released in eight cities, but I was lucky enough to be in one of those eight cities. And yes I know the critics canned it saying that only fans will like it. Well, tell me this, who the hell is going to see it!

Fanboys has a simple plot, one of its many attributes. A group of friends who have grown apart, join back together to sneak onto Lucas Ranch to see Episode One before their friend passes away from cancer. The “cancer” part of the storyline, by the way, is what the Weinstein’s wanted to cut.

And what a mistake that would have been. It is what takes this movie from being a simple buddy comedy, to a film with heart. You are reminded throughout the film of the stakes and heartbreak involved in these super-fans’ adventures.

But the film is mainly about the laughs. Sure if you are not a Star Wars fan, you won’t get it. But even non-super fans won’t need a Star Wars encyclopedia to get a majority of the running jokes and gags. It’s like Uma Thurman says in Pulp Fiction: there are only two types of people in this world-and in this case it is Trekkies or Star Wars geeks.

The main cast consists of Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, and Jay Baruchel. Each of the boys has their own level of geekiness, though Chris Marquette falls through the cracks when it comes to hilarity. Dan Fogler is the standout of the main four boys, fearless in his performance as the Han Solo-esque nerd.  Kristen Bell shines as their also geeky-but-hot friend, though she is underused and missing from nearly half of the film. Seth Rogen pulls double duty as a Trekker and Star Wars follower, hilarious in both roles especially when the two meet. There are also several geek-worthy cameos throughout the film such as Carrie Fisher, William Shatner, and Kevin Smith.

Though the script has a simple plot, its thru-line is not so clear. It lacks forward momentum despite the overall goal and jumps from adventure to adventure, coincidence to coincidence. Luckily, these mini-events are so funny you laugh so hard forgetting how they lack overall purpose.

The soundtrack of the film, if it exists and if the Weinstein’s ever plan to release it, should sell well. It’s a flashback to the late 90s, with all these great hits of the year 1998. Not only does it help with the setting, but it also provides reminisces, a main theme of the film. The movie is about looking back on childhood and learning to move forward with as much optimism and confidence you had when you were younger.

It is a shame that many people will not see this film. Fanboys is a great change from the products of the Judd Apatow laugh factory that have monopolized the big screen of the past five years or so. Director Kyle Newman and writers Ernest Cline and Adam F. Goldberg deserve for this movie to be released. Fanboys should be enjoyed by its niche audience, which lest we forget, is millions in the number all over the globe.

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