Rumor: 'Chronicle' Star Michael B. Jordan in Contention for 'The Fantastic Four'

A new Fantastic Four reboot has been in the works for some time. It is set to begin shooting this fall and has a tentative release date of March 6th, 2015. The script was written by Jeremy Slater, the rewrites were handled by Seth-Grahame-Smith, Matthew Vaughn is producing, and Josh Trank is set to direct. Michael B. Jordan may be shaking things up in the new movie as there are rumors circulating that the gifted actor could be playing Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, in the upcoming feature, a role previously held by Chris Evans. This may have fans a bit perplexed and some understandably upset, but I think that the change may be exactly what the franchise needs.

Jordan has been to multiple meetings with the studio, some of which are said to chemistry meetings. He already has a relationship with Trank, who directed him in Chronicle; so these meetings would be to see if he fits well with the other leads. If the chemistry is there, he could walk away with the role.

The 26-year old actor has a lot to bring to the table. He has some impressive credits including Hardball, The Wire, Friday Night Lights, and Pastor Brown; not to mention the lead role in award-winning Sundance entrant Fruitvale Station. This year,  he appeared in Pretenders and Are We Officially Dating? (a rom-com with Zac Efron).

This news may have fans feeing like they’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone, but they can relax for now because there hasn’t been a formal offer extended, and Fox has yet to make any comment on the rumor.

Allison Williams, of HBO’s Girls, was said to have snagged the role of Sue Storm. This coupled with the Jordan as Johnny Storm rumor should have some fans scratching their heads. The Human Torch as an African American man, his sister is Caucasian. How will it work? Here’s how:


1) One of the siblings could be adopted

2) They could be half siblings, maybe from an affair.

3) Twins!! There have been instances where interracial twins have been born, one baring fair skin and the other with a dark complexion… Hey it happens!

4) They could decide to cast an African American actress to play the role of Sue Storm.


So as long as they are sibling, does it really matter? They are after all a Super-Family, not a Super-Team. I understand that some fans seem to think that if a movie isn’t perfectly true to the comic, if one thing is off, the picture will be dead before it hits the ground. I also understand the character is traditionally Caucasian and that there are plenty of African American superheroes (who really aren’t going to get their own movie anytime soon), but is the race of the character really going to affect this story? I need you to keep in mind that Jessica Alba, who played Sue Storm in the previous Fantastic Four movies was sporting blue lenses the entire film and that she is in fact is Latina!

Lovers of the Marvel universe, who can easily accept that the people can gain superpowers; who love a character who is composed of an orange rock-like substance; a woman can become invisible and create force fields at will; a man who can stretch to uncomfortably impossible lengths; and a guy who can survive engulfing himself in flames! In the Marvel world anything is possible, even the Human Torch being played by an African American man.

With this news, the Donald Glover as Spider-Man hype may be renewed and surely we can all giggle at that.



[via Slashfilm]

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