Satoru Iwata May Resign over Poor Business Performance

Satoru Iwata, the current president of Nintendo, has implied to investors that he may resign if he does not achieve 100 billion yen (about $1.1 billion) for the next fiscal year. Nintendo has seen two years of consecutive loss, Iwata reported, apologizing to investors, "We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook." He went on to say they, "plan to actively release [their] key titles for Nintendo 3DS which could potentially lead the markets this year."

Iwata has now put his own job on the line to see the company do well, which isn’t uncommon for Nintendo seeing as Mr. Miyamoto and Sakurai both took pay cuts to help the company. It’s no surprised that Iwata would also risk his own wallet as well to keep the company profitable. It really goes to show how determined Nintendo is to keep themselves going.



[via MyNintendoNews]

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