'Scream' TV Show in the Works at MTV

With programs like Hannibal and Bates Motel successfully showing that classic horror stories can work on television, MTV has decided to throw its own hat in the ring. MTV has just announced that they have green lit a pilot episode based off the Scream film franchise.

The Scream movies revolved around someone portraying The Ghost Face Killer while poking playful fun at horror movie tropes, along with cliches we've seen in sequels and reboots.

Wes Craven, who has been the director of the franchise, as well as other classic horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Last House on the Left, has announced that he will direct the series.

There is still no writer for the pilot script though, and it seems that Kevin Williamson, the writer of the films, seems content with his current smash hit on television, The Following

If all goes well, the series should launch sometime in the summer of 2014.

Due to Wes Craven's involvement, I have some hope for this series to work. Scream 4 was a great take on the idea of reboots and was just a fun film all around. However, the writing of the Scream films has always been a big staple of how well the series works. If they can't find someone as talented as Williamson, or if they go too far down the route of MTV's main demographic, it may just be a tragedy in the waiting.



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