Silent Hills and the Insanity of Kojima: A Recap and Predictions

For thsoe familiar with the works of Hideo Kojima, the circumstances surrounding the announcement of the latest Silent Hill game, which Kojima will helm in association with Guillermo Del Toro, should come as no surprise. For those less familiar with the pure insanity of Kojima, let me explain to you exactly what's happening and why you should be excited.

All of this began, really, with a game hitting the Playstation Store for the PS4 titled simply "P.T." There was no more information surrounding the game, and if players were intrigued enough to download the title, they were greeted with a seemingly low-budget, although very well done, horror demo that involved walking through a very dark house with naught but a flashlight.

That is, until you actually finished the demo. Finishing the demo grants players with information about what exactly they just played. Firstly, that this is a game from Hideo Kojima. Secondly, that Guillermo Del Toro is also involved. Thirdly, that the player character is being portrayed by Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead fame. Finally, that "P.T." stands for "Playable Teaser", and that this is, in fact, a new Silent Hill game, currently brandishing the title Silent Hills. Check out a player finishing the demo right here to get a sense of what the reveal is like.

Little else is really known at this time, but anyone familiar with Kojima really shouldn't be surprised at this, frankly, brilliant marketing strategy. Just for reference, Kojima once went as far as putting together a fake game development company just to hide the fact that an E3 trailer was actually a trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Even before that, though, Kojima's games have always schewed towards the crazy. Bizarre casts of characters and unbelieveable attention to detail are trademarks of Kojima games like Metal Gear Solid. Again, as an example, there is a side quest/mini game mode in Metal Gear Solid, that involves taking pictures with a camera that you can only unlock by accessing a hidden storage room or through beating the game, and if you take photos in certain locations, you can captures ghostly images of the development team behind the game.

What does this have to do with Metal Gear Solid? Pretty much nothing. Is it an awesome feature? Yes, absolutely, and I think it helps point out an aspect of Kojima's mindset that is actually making me the most excited I've been for a Silent Hill game in a long, long time.

(Read on to Page 2 for speculation, opinions, and more deciphering of Kojima's madness)


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