So Arkane is Working on 'Prey 2' After All, Why All the Lies Bethesda?

Despite frequent, and quite recent, statements to the contrary, it seems Arkane Studios is indeed working on the long-delayed Prey 2. Both Arkane and its parent company Bethesda have been rather insistent this is not the case, but thanks to some recently leaked emails obtained by Kotaku, it seems clear that the Dishonored devs have been assigned to the project.

Arkane recently split into two studios, one in Austin, Texas and one in Lyon, France. The lyon branch is currently working on a follow-up to Dishonored, with the director of that game moving to France to head that project.

Meanwhile, Arkane Austin just wrapped up development on Dishonored's downloadable content, and according to the aforementioned emails, are now turning their attention to Prey 2.

A few weeks ago, Bethesda VP Pete Hines stated to Rock Paper Shotgun that Arkane had not taken over development duties from Human Head Studios.

"No," he said. “All of that stuff, I have no idea where it came from. The Human Head Prey 2 thing is the Human Head Prey 2 thing. Arkane is over here, and they’re doing their thing, and that’s for them to work on. We’ll be ready to talk about what they’re working on when it gets closer to release.”

The report was shot down by Bethesda, as reported by IGN, and even more recently (just yesterday in fact), Arkane creative director once again denied the rumor to Rock Paper Shotgun.

"No," he said. "We’ve been looking at where that rumor came from, and I really don’t know."

Well, it looks like there was a bit of purposeful misinformation going around. Here's one of the emails Kotaku got their hands on:

And apparently, this went out in response to the original report in May:

Ouch. I can assure you sir that I am no sneak.

Kotaku of course reached out for a comment, and were told by Bethesda that, "We aren’t talking about what Arkane is working on and we have no new information to share on Prey 2."

It seems the cat is very much out of the bag at this point, one has to wonder what exactly Bethesda and Arkane have to gain from being so secretive. The longer they wait to reveal some updates on the project, the less people are going to remember just how excited that initial trailer made them.


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