Is Telltale's New License 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

The Telltale licensed games train rolls on. IGN reports that the next property the developer has tapped is none other than the fantasy-phenomenon, Game of Thrones.

IGN cites "multiple sources" confirming this news, although Telltale has so far declined to comment.

If true, the big question is, which version of "Game of Thrones" will Telltale be tackling: the original George R.R. Martin novels or the HBO TV series? They're arguably very similar, but if the games are meant to exist alongside the TV show, the look and sound of the characters will need to be maintained.

Alternatively, these games could instead exist in their own little bubble, as a completely separate property.

Either way, Telltale has a long, long history of adapting movies and comics into serialized video games. They've handled everything from Jurassic Park to Back to the Future, and more recently, The Walking Dead and Fables graphic novel series.

Telltale's CEO previously teased that they were preparing to announce some upcoming projects, including licenses that “definitely fall into our dream IP scenario.”


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