10 Amazing 'Battlefield 4' GIFs from 2013

I've always been a big fan of the Battlefield series, so needless to say I've been following the post-release development of Battlefield 4 quite closely. That includes the numerous .gifs that have come out of the game. Whether they're buggy, impressive, or just plain confusing, there's no denying that these ten .gifs are amazing in one way or another.

1) Maybe your squadmates could use less caffeine

2) Death from Above

3) Wait a minute, I should be going the other way

4) And he makes the half-court shot! Does he win a prize?

5) I... don't think jet skis are supposed to do that...

6) Well, that's one way to get around

7) Now that's "levolution"

8) Sometimes you've gotta do it yourself

9) For those who don't like all that walking

10) There's more than one way to take out a helicopter


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