Top 15 Gaming GIFs of 2013

2013 was a helluva year in gaming. We got next gen consoles, a veritable buttload of amazing games (both AAA and indie), and plenty of... interesting moments from some of the industry's personalities.  There were plenty of insanely awesome moments in video games this year, but these 15 GIFs distill that awesomeness into animated picture format, as only the internet can do. Prepare your eyeholes for the visual feast that is to follow.


1) The new FIFA is way more aggressive this time around.


2) That's one way to take out a chopper.

Battlefield 4

3) The GIF that launched a thousand screaming fanboys.

Kingdom Hearts III


4) Them nostalgia feels.

Pokemon Red/Blue - Black/White

5) Woops.

Grand Theft Auto V

6) Japan strikes again.

Japan World Cup 3

7) Someone fetch Microsoft a burn heal.

Xbox One reveal event


8) Well, that's another way to take out a chopper.

Battlefield 4

9) Reggie loves him some video games.

E3 2013


10) All of the post-reveal Xbox vs PlayStation Gifs.

11) WWE'13 gets a thumbs up from this guy.



12) I wonder if he likes Peggle.

E3 2013


13) Hey guys, what's up?



14) Boom!

Grand Theft Auto V


15) You knew it was coming.


VGX 2013


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