Top 5 eSports Moments of 2013

Throughout the year there have been numerous tournaments for every game imaginable, showcasing the top players going head to head.  We compiled some of our favorite highlights from 2013.  Some are luck, some are skill, but all are entertaining displays of the elite players in their respective game.


5) MLG Anaheim 2013: Complexity vs Impact (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

While the highlight reel showcases the top 5 plays from the Finals match, by far one of the coolest comes from this capture the flag game.  It might be cheating to show off what amounts to two plays, but both teams showed just how skillful they were with these clutch saves.

4) NA LCS Summer: TSM vs VES (League of Legends)

The shot heard from around the world.  Easily one of the most entertaining kills recorded, especially during a pro match.  TSM's WildTurtle on Caitlyn barely got off his "Ace in the Hole" to take out VES' maplestreet.

3) MLG Dallas 2013: Bomber vs Goswser (StarCraft II)

By far one of the saddest and most amusing plays ever seen in StarCraft II, the Terran player Bomber nukes himself taking out almost half his army.  The most frightening part about this match?  Even after this massive mistake, Bomber comes so close to taking the win, pushing to an hour long game where both players were running off almost zero minerals.


2) OGN Summer Finals 2013: KT Bullets vs SKT T1 (League of Legends)

Easily one of the craziest plays ever seen in a League match, and showing off exactly how amazing Faker's mechanics are.  Although the video above shows us a slow-mo version of what happened, the entire exchange only took around eight seconds.  There's a reason people consider Faker one of, if not the best League of Legends player in the world.

1) The International 3: Na'Vi vs Tongfu (DotA 2)

My personal favorite, these epic pulls are what brought Na'Vi back into the game.  Tongfu had already pushed through multiple towers and secured seven skills to Na'Vi's two at the 15 minute mark, signifying an almost impossible comeback.  Then Dendi's Pudge came along and, combined with Puppey's Chen micro, not only got some kills, but actually won them the game.


Honorable Mention: MF Slayer vs ChrisG (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

This extremely close match came from the Evo 2K13 Finals of Injustice.  After going back and forth, ChrisG narrowly scraped by with the dropkick win.


Of course, these are just some of the fantastic moments to come out of 2013.  Realistically, there are hundreds of more, but these are some of the ones we found memorable.  Don't like our list?  Let us know some of your favorite eSports moments in the comments below.


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