Two 'Paranormal Activity' Sequels Planned For 2013

Even though Paranormal Activity 4 fell short of its goal to make all the money on Earth, Paramount is doubling down on sequels for next year, according to Deadline. In addition to the obligatory Paranormal Activity 5 in October, series screenwriter Christopher Landon will direct a “spinoff” film directly targeted at Latino audiences. Actividad Paranormal, or whatever the title will be once they hire someone who knows more Spanish than I do, will be filmed partly in English and partly in Spanish, and hopefully will feature terrifying security-cam footage of Paramount executives looking at a sheet of overseas revenue projections and drooling.

Much as the first Paranormal Acitivity revitalized the found-footage horror genre, Latino Paranormal Activity is expected to revive the floundering racially-specific remake genre, which has been largely dormant since the 2007 and 2010 releases of Death at a Funeral: Black and White. What is certain is that Paramount is determined to continue its wildly successful series of PSAs about not putting cameras up all over your house like some kind of crazy person.





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