Watch the Weird Trailer for Alan Moore's First Weird Screenwriting Project

Alan Moore has had a... rough history with Hollywood. He has certainly not been shy about expressing his unbridled hatred for every movie adaptation of his work, including the fairly great V for Vendetta, and the surprisingly faithful Watchmen. After hearing all of his negative comments over the years, it'll be interesting to see how his own foray into film turns out.

Jimmy's End is Alan Moore's first screenwriting credit, and it looks pretty... strange, to say the least. Normally I'd try and summarize it here, but I'm really not even going to try. The Guardian calls it "blood-rich, burlesque vision of a seedy, vaudevillian neo-1950s world," so that's a thing. It's definitely got some strong David Lynch vibes coming off of it, so that's promising.

Check out the trailer below, the short, the first of a series, will go live at the official website in three days.




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