This Week in League - MLG Winter Championships and ZAC

Today’s post will be relatively brief – not a whole lot is going on in terms of League.  A couple skin sales, some info about a new hero, and an eports filled weekend are going to round out this week in League.

Skins and Champions

The start of this week’s sales, ending on the 15th, includes Fiora, Tryndamere, and Yorick in terms of heroes, and Cryocore Brand, Grungy Nunu, and Barbarian Sion round out the skins.  Starting tomorrow, Nasus, Karthus, and Varus will all be on sale, along with Lord Darius, Subterranean Nautilus, and Chrome Rammus will be on sale until the 18th.

There’s also been a lot of teasing (through research notes) about ZAC, the Zaun Amorphous Combatant, and we finally got a look at his/her/it a couple days ago.  While it’s just a black and white photo, you can imagine what he/she/it will look like.  As a side note, does anyone else think ZAC looks a little like Bio-Broly? I can only imagine ZAC’s power is maximum.  Some players have gone into the code, and based on the recommended items, he/she/it looks to be an AP jungler.

Also, if you just happen to be Italian, to celebrate the new servers opening in Italy, Riot is giving you the new Gladiator Draven skin for free.  But that’s not all!  If you don’t already have Draven, you get him as well.  Viva l’Italia!

Patch Notes

The only real news this week is, after being delayed twice, patch 3.04 will be going up on the 19th.  Not too sure what to expect, but we’ll presumably get the Karma update among other changes.


This weekend looks to be fun for League of Legends in terms of esports; all eight North American, League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) teams will be playing at MLG Dallas starting Friday evening, and going until Sunday.  But that’s not all!  The Winter Championships will also be host to teams looking to get into the LCS Summer split.  After the four teams compete in a single elimination, best-of-three, two finalists win their share of $30,000 and go into the Spring Promotion Relegation.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Dignitas, Curse, Gambit BenQ, and KT Rolster will all be playing exhibition matches – first place will win $10,000 while second makes $5,000.  So if you're sitting at home, bored and not sure what to do, you might have something to check out.

So far in the LCS, we’ve seen multiple picks for each position, but the most interesting in the past few weeks has been Nidalee in mid lane.  Back in Season 2, we saw a split-pushing AD Nidalee using Chalice of Harmony to sustain herself.  Now, she’s picking up a Tears, and tossing spears – and those spears are destroying opponents.  It will be interesting to see if the trend continues, or if something new pops up this weekend

Admittedly, I haven’t gotten in as many games as I would have liked this week, but it seems like AD carries are still ignoring Blade of the Ruined King.  Despite the buff and the rampant health tanks, we’re still not seeing it as often as we should.  Am I bitching a little?  Maybe, but as long as we have a new, useful tool, we should use it.  League of Warmmogs is starting to make me cry.

That concludes this week in League.  Not that busy, but we’ll see what patch 3.04 brings us and if we get some new picks due to the MLG tournament this weekend.  Until next week, good luck and have fun.




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