Wii Mini to Be Released in Europe, But Do We Care?

The Wii Mini was originally released in Canada back in December of last year, but is now getting released here in the UK on March 22nd. Retailers are pricing the system around £80, roughly the equivalent of around $120.

The Wii Mini doesn't support an internet connection or backwards compatibility with GameCube games. Recently a survey of 1000 British consumers were asked about the Wii Mini and 76% didn't see the point of the new console.

Here are the full results of the questionnaire:

1. Don’t see the point – 74%
2. No advance in graphics – 56%
3. Just rehashing an old console, not a technological advancement 49%
4. Small size not a big enough selling point- 47%
5. Already own an original Wii – 42%

Those who were surveyed were then asked, "Would you be likely to purchase a Wii Mini once it’s released?" participants replied:

No – 61%

Yes – 22%

Don’t know – 17%

That's not exactly a warm reception.



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