Wii U Sales Top 3 Million Units

So the Wii U, a console which every “hardcore gamer”  seems  to be dismissing, appears to be doing ok. Yes Nintendo's new home console, which has begun the 8th generation of console gaming (it counts so no arguing), has so far sold 3.06 million units since its launch back in November. Nintendo originally aimed to sell 5.5 million additional Wii U's by end of March, but has since revised its target to 4 million. As for software sales, Nintendo have sold 11.69 million, with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U being the bestselling games with 2.33 and 2.01 million sales respectively.     

It seems the system is doing fairly well for itself, and although Nintendo are disappointed by some of figures, they are well on their way to achieve their newly revised figures. But seeing as this year we expect revels of more next generation systems, such as the new Xbox or PS4, will Nintendo be able to compete?



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