Will Ferrell Loves Old Milwaukee, or at Least That's What He's Telling the Swedes

Will Ferrell can make anything cool, especially things that are anything but. In Old School he makes fraternities cool. In Anchorman he makes local newscasters cool. In Talladega Nights he makes NASCAR cool. And in Blades of Glory he even makes figure skating cool. But in the past year, he's set out to tackle his biggest challenge yet. I'm not talking about politics, I'm talking about Old Milwaukee beer.

Last September, Will Ferrell told Pabst Brewing Company, who brew Old Milwaukee, that he'd make some commercials for the beer free of charge. They said yes, and he made a couple spots. Now you may be wondering why you've never seen these, that is of course unless you are from Davenport, Iowa.  The following ads, which Will Ferrell made last fall, only aired in the Davenport market.



From there, Will Ferrell decided to expand his Old Milwaukee campaign to also include Terre Haute, Indiana.




Not satisfied with making Old Milwaukee cool in Davenport, Iowa and Terre Haute, Indiana. Will Ferrell moved onto bigger fish and decided to make a Super Bowl Commercial.  It did in fact air during the Super Bowl, but only if you live in North Platte, Nebraska.




That seemed to be the end of it for a while, until recently.  In the past few weeks, the internet has discovered what may be Will Ferrell's best work yet, airing in the strangest of all places: Sweden.  That's right, Sweden.  Ferrell has a home there, and decided to shoot some commercials for the hell of it.



The first features Will Ferrell, in what I can only assume is a jacket stolen from the Swedish Olympic Team, making fun of the Swedish language. That's right. He made a commercial that only airs in Sweden, where he wears Sweden's colors and makes fun of their language.  Hilarious. The second features Ferrell, in what may be the coolest turtleneck ever worn on television (Swedish or otherwise), driving a boat yelling "This is my boat, this is my woman, and this is my beer!" in Swedish for no apparent reason.  And the third, features Ferrell on that same boat, but this time he's deep in thought, smoking a pipe, while he narrates in English a passage from his diary about his wife. This ad makes even less sense than the one before it, but is equally hilarious.

I'm not sure where Will Ferrell plans to push Old Milwaukee next, but personally I can't wait. 


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