Wizards and Witches in 'Seventh Son': First Look at Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore in Fantasy Film

Hey, remember when Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore both starred in The Big Lebowski together? Imagine that, except instead of taking place in southern California, it takes place in an ancient fantasy world, and instead of being directed by the Coen Brothers it's Sergei Bardov and instead of being about a slacker named the dude it's about an old, wisened wizard passing on the mantle to a younger magician so he can hunt an evil witch. Yeah, so this movie is nothing like The Big Lebowski.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. I mean, if fantasy is your cup of tea, The Seventh Son certainly looks enticing. If nothing else, the costume depeartment did a pretty spectacular job. Check out these early images of Jeff Bridges (the wisened wizard) and Julianne Moore (the evil witch) in character:




[via USA Today]

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