'Wreck-It Ralph' Director Wants to Find a Role for Mario in the Sequel

It’s probably not surprising that Wreck-It Ralph already has a potential sequel. Due to the film’s record breaking box office numbers, it makes sense for there to already be talk of a sequel and what it would involve. The film’s director, Rich Moore, and its stars, John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, have all expressed interest in coming back for a second installment.

In an interview with Moviehole, Moore expressed his desire to include Mario in the film’s sequel: “We’ll really come up with something good for Mario to do [in the next film]... To be able to present him in the sequel, would be great.” Although they had permission from Nintendo to use him in the first film, Moore just couldn’t seem to find a way to properly fit him into the storyline. I’m crossing my fingers that Bowser returns to the sequel and steals a princess or a few stars from our favorite plump plumber. How awesome would a Ralph/Mario buddy adventure to rescue Princess Peach be? I’m down.



[via Moviehole]

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