Monster Energy Drink, Satan Confirmed?


Monster Energy drinks are definitely a little unnatural,  but could they be... demonic? This truth-seeker reveals the "truth" behind the fizzy beverage. Turns out they're the spawn of the devil, go figure.

President Obama's Stance on Net Neutrality and You


President Obama released a video via the White House Youtube channel and stated very clearly his stance on net neutrality, and boy howdy is it a good one.

4 Porn Parodies You Didn't Know You'd Been Waiting For


Porn parodies may be the last stronghold of the pun. Nowhere else is it embraced with such gusto. Porn parody is also an overlooked place for some solid social comment and celebration of fandom. After all, nobody makes fun of a piece of media with such depth without an element of love showing through. (NSFW, obviously) has taken it upon themselves to sponsor this genre that's usually relegated to the kitsch bin. They've gathered name stars like Skin Diamond, James Deen, Anikka Albrite and Aaron Wilcoxx, put some effort into costumes, sets and scripts and launched multiple parody series. It's mostly good fun, reeks of serious affection for media, and of course there's the sex!

22 Biggest Geek Culture Conventions in the World


Anyone who's ever attended San Diego Comic-Con (or gawked at the aerial photographs of the lines) will probably tell you that this event has to be the geek community's premier gathering spot. After all, where else can you see the Avengers 2 trailer early? But did you know that in terms of attendance, Comic-Con doesn't even rank in the top five for nerdy events? Or that it's not even the biggest one in the US?

20 Awesome Cosplay Costumes from Comikaze 2014


Comikaze Expo went down in LA this past weekend, and thousands of awesome cosplayers gathered to show off what they've been working on. Check out 20 of our favorite costumes we saw in the past few days below!

Comikaze Expo 2014: First Impressions from a First-Time Attendee


Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo, sponsored by Hot Topic.  Now, I am no stranger to comic based conventions.  After living in California for 6 years, I have attended Wonder Con, Anime Expo, and Comic Con and thought I saw it all. And I was quickly proven wrong. While it does have what is now considered the norm for comic conventions – diverse range of cosplayers, panels that have absolutely nothing to do with comic books, big names signing autographs for a hefty price – this one did have its little (mostly positive!) quirks.

5 Ways Comikaze Expo Can Improve for Next Year


I've attended Comikaze Expo for three years now, and every time I go, I can barely recognize the convention from the previous year’s. From the layout to the booths to the programming, every year Comikaze has continued to change and evolve in huge ways. That's great news to me, because it shows that this event is willing to update itself to meet the needs of its attendees; and given how close it is to me, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite conventions to attend.

Movie Theaters Have Banned Google Glass and Other Wearable Tech


Google Glass is no longer welcome at the cinema, as least according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO). Why? Piracy, which actually makes a lot of sense.

The 8 Most Insane Video Game Conspiracy Theories


Everybody loves a good story, and a good story that totally happened to a cousin of your best friend is even better. The internet makes everyone our best friend's cousin, and video games, much like movies before them, give us a set of shared experiences and expectations to draw from and relate to. Haunted video game cartridges, long forgotten games with mysterious plots, children going mad, these are all things that somehow seem like they could have happened.

Batman Stamps Cause An Uproar In The Stamp Collecting Community


Proving once again that literally no matter what you do somebody will get pissed off about it, the USPS managed to poke the seething nest of harsh words and recriminations that is the stamp collecting community. The stick they poked it with? a batarang. That’s right, the highest authority on stamp collecting in the country is up in arms because the USPS has decided to put out a limited edition of Batman stamps to commemorate the character’s 75th anniversary.

Scientists Crack the Code on the Best Dance Moves for Men


Are you ready to get your dance on... with science? A recent study has discovered what kind of dancing women seem to prefer, or at least, the physical components of those funky moves.

Mulan Meets Pokemon: Watch Ash Make a 'Mon Out of You


In a fantastic gesture that we all needed, user EsquirebobAnimations has produced a parody of Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” that is indeed worth blasting off again, combining Mulan, Digimon, and Pokemon.

Posted By Dave Ramos read more

Chef Researched And Developed A Human Flesh Flavored Burger For The New Season of 'Walking Dead'


If you could try human flesh, would you? What would it taste like? Are you curious enough to override your ingrained moral objection to eating that which is yourself? If you answered yes to those questions then the only questions left for you to answer is, "Would you like that in a hamburger?" That's right, chef Jim Thomlinson of London Mess has created a hamburger that he claims tastes like human flesh.

Watch 2 Minutes of Classic Movies Scenes, Recreated with LEGO


Classic movies and stop-motion animation collide in this video created to promote the book Brick Flicks: 60 Cult Movie Scenes & Posters Made from Lego. Watch scenes from everything from The Wizard of Oz to Pulp Fiction recreated with those colorful little bricks.

Posted By 8CN Team read more

6 Scientific Advances That Could Make You A Superhero, Or Villain


You've already been born, so being a solar powered alien is out of the question. Radiation has so far disappointingly failed to give anyone superhuman abilities, unless we're going to start counting painful death as a superpower. Luckily the unbounded forward march of science has you covered. Want to live in your underwater fortress with your robot army, we've got you covered! Use these technologies at your discretion. I look forward to reveling in your victories/ cowering in fear at your tyrannical reign!


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