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10 Non-Horror Games That Suddenly Become Terrifying


Some games are downright scary, and in the years following Amnesia, horror games have found themselves in a renaissance of sorts. Other games, however, seem perfectly safe for non-horror fans, until they go from normal game to pants-shitting terror in the span of five minutes.

8 Happy Game Endings That Are Actually Really Depressing


Sad endings in games can be really tricky. After all, you as the player are the protagonist, so it's natural to want everything to go right for your character. Because of that, for a long time, games tended to stay clear of overtly depressing endings, for fear of alienating players who were invested in seeing their characters win in the end. Some games however, despite how happy their ending seemed, were actually hiding some pretty depressing stories.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/29/14! Surprisingly Spooky Games! [Podcast]


Have you ever been playing through a totally normal game, when suddenly - bam! Something spooky happens? Well we have, and we talk about it right here on the Super Circuitcast!

10 Games That Spent the Longest Time in Development


Delayed games are pretty commonplace, and can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes game-breaking bugs crop up late in development, maybe the team is having trouble adjusting to new hardware, or maybe the studio simply wants to change the timing of the release for commercial reasons. In any case, most times it just means we'll have to wait a few months longer to get our hands on the game... unlike these ten games, which left fans waiting for a half a decade or more.

The 8 Most Insane Video Game Conspiracy Theories


Everybody loves a good story, and a good story that totally happened to a cousin of your best friend is even better. The internet makes everyone our best friend's cousin, and video games, much like movies before them, give us a set of shared experiences and expectations to draw from and relate to. Haunted video game cartridges, long forgotten games with mysterious plots, children going mad, these are all things that somehow seem like they could have happened.

Eight Years Later: Dreamfall Chapters First Impressions [Game Review]


It's been eight long, long years since Dreamfall was released; and considering how that game ended, it's been a hell of a wait. As a fan whose expectations started high, and only escalated with time, it's been a surreal experience stepping foot in this world again.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/22/14! Abandoned Games! [Podcast]


This week, Matt, Moo, Ryan, Sean, and Jen discuss abandoned games - that is to say, games that we started and never finished. Why does this happen? Which games did we give up on? Will Moo make inappropriate jokes? Probably, but tune in to find out for sure!

In This Game, You Play as Bread (No, Seriously)


Normally, I'd write a game like this off as yet another attempt to cash-in on the wave of "joke" simulator games, but this one is by the guys who did Surgeon Simulator, so pre-order, obviously.

The 9 Scariest Horror Games of 2014 So Far


Shinji Mikami, the guy who brought us the original Resident Evil, is returning to horror games later this month with The Evil Within. If you can't wait that long to get your horror fix on though, we've got 9 games to keep you up at night while you wait.

Lies, Insecurity, Horror and The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo


We all had that kid we were friends with who was a little, or maybe a lot, better off than us. They seemed to have the nicest stuff. They never seemed to worry about things we worried about, and they always seemed to have an uncle who had an exciting job that afforded them access to magical and exotic goods. This being a game we're talking about, of course it would be The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo.

This Massive City Might Be the Most Ambitious Minecraft Creation Ever


4.5 million blocks and two years contributed to this Minecraft project, which is a top candidate for the most ambitious (and/or insane) fan projects in the game's history. It's called Titan City, and holy crap is that name appropriate.

10 Ways to Get Your Game on at MCM London 2014


MCM London Comic Con approaches! The comic con so good that they have it twice a year. There are plenty of happenings to engage your gamer mind, from game expos to a League of Legends tournament. If you plan on attending please accept these humble suggestions for events not to miss.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/15/14! 100 Episodes, 100 Games [Podcast]


Woah! It's episode number 100 for the Super Circuitcast, and in celebration, the whole crew (Matt, Sean, Ryan, Rami, Jen, and Moo) get together to give super quick reviews of 100 games that have come out over the last 100 episodes of the show. Join us for an hour-long escapade into insanity!

The McDonald's And World Of Warcraft Chimera Stands Tall In China


McDonald's, that ever-present fast food juggernaut, has partnered with one of the most popular video games of all time, World of Warcraft, and Blizzard to transform three burger joints in China into decked out shrines to digital bloodshed. With expansion pack Warlords of Draenor set to release in November Blizzard is doing it's best to drum up hype in the second most populous nation on the planet. Maybe that's why America doesn't get this kind of full make over treatment. There just aren't enough of us.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/08/14! Drinking and Video Games! [Podcast]


Do you like drinking and play video games? Do you like drinking in video games? Do you like playing drinking games? Well good news, because this week, Matt, Ryan, Moo, Rami, and Sean discuss the connections between alcohol and gaming! Grab a nice cold one, and listen in. 


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