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The Super Circuitcast! 10/22/14! Abandoned Games! [Podcast]


This week, Matt, Moo, Ryan, Sean, and Jen discuss abandoned games - that is to say, games that we started and never finished. Why does this happen? Which games did we give up on? Will Moo make inappropriate jokes? Probably, but tune in to find out for sure!

In This Game, You Play as Bread (No, Seriously)


Normally, I'd write a game like this off as yet another attempt to cash-in on the wave of "joke" simulator games, but this one is by the guys who did Surgeon Simulator, so pre-order, obviously.

The 9 Scariest Horror Games of 2014 So Far


Shinji Mikami, the guy who brought us the original Resident Evil, is returning to horror games later this month with The Evil Within. If you can't wait that long to get your horror fix on though, we've got 9 games to keep you up at night while you wait.

10 Ways to Get Your Game on at MCM London 2014


MCM London Comic Con approaches! The comic con so good that they have it twice a year. There are plenty of happenings to engage your gamer mind, from game expos to a League of Legends tournament. If you plan on attending please accept these humble suggestions for events not to miss.

The Super Circuitcast! 10/15/14! 100 Episodes, 100 Games [Podcast]


Woah! It's episode number 100 for the Super Circuitcast, and in celebration, the whole crew (Matt, Sean, Ryan, Rami, Jen, and Moo) get together to give super quick reviews of 100 games that have come out over the last 100 episodes of the show. Join us for an hour-long escapade into insanity!

The Super Circuitcast! 10/08/14! Drinking and Video Games! [Podcast]


Do you like drinking and play video games? Do you like drinking in video games? Do you like playing drinking games? Well good news, because this week, Matt, Ryan, Moo, Rami, and Sean discuss the connections between alcohol and gaming! Grab a nice cold one, and listen in. 

Call of Duty: Here's What Items the Mountain Dew and Doritos Codes Will Give You


Mountain Dew and Doritos have partnered with Activision for the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, because of course they have. They'll be bundling code cards for exclusive in-game items with select varieties of soda and chips, which will let you show off just how dedicated you are to crisp, refreshing hyper-caffeinated sugar water, and vaguely cheese flavored potato flakes.

This Guy Plays Dark Souls 2 with a Guitar Better than I Can with a Controller


I... I don't even.  This somehow tops the guy who played Counter-Strike with a racing wheel, and that's saying something.

Destiny's Iron Banner Crucible Event Explained: How to Earn the New Gear


As the Queen's Wrath event draws to a close tonight, it's time to turn our attention to the next Destiny event: The Iron Banner. The Iron Banner is a one-week Crucible event that's taking the kid gloves off for PvP, removing all of the level balancing and allowing Guardians to compete with all of their abilities and upgraded stats.

Destiny: 9 Ways to Prepare for the Iron Banner


Right now, Destiny players are frantically trying to gear up with all of the new Queen's Wrath equipment. On October 7 though, that will come to an end, making room for the official introduction of the Iron Banner, a one-week Crucible event that will let Guardians compete in PvP using all of the abilities and stats of their gear.

Xbox One Continues to Struggle in Asia with a Dismal South Korean Launch


The Xbox One had a really rough launch in Japan, and it doesn't appear be fairing much better in the neighboring country of Korea.

The Super Circuitcast! 09/24/14! Exploration in Games! [Podcast]


Matt, Jen, Sean, Rami, and Moo take some time (maybe a little too much time?) to discuss exploration in games. Strap in everybody, cuz we ain't just talkin' 'bout your grandpappy's open world games. We gettin' real with this one. 

Destiny's Queen's Wrath Update Explained: How to Earn the New Gear


Today, a free new update for Destiny went live. It's called "The Queen's Wrath," and it features new bounties and gear for Guardians to collect, and will supposedly tie into an upcoming expansion pack (House of Wolves). So what's it all about?

Destiny: 5 Best Methods to Farm Legendary Engrams


With two weeks of Destiny under our belts, most of us are finding ourselves stuck in the 20s, with the slow grind towards better gear inhibiting our ability to queue up for the tougher content. Luckily, there are faster ways to get a new helmet besides playing 50 PvP matches.

Anita Sarkeesian And The Game Developer's Choice Awards Received Bomb Threats In March


Last March the Game Developer's Choice Awards were the target of a bomb threat of their Ambassador's Award to Anita Sarkeesian. The award is given to, "an individual or individuals who have helped the game industry advance to a better place, either through facilitating a better game community from within, or by reaching outside the industry to be an advocate for video games and help further our art."


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