World's Biggest Esports Tournament Has an Official 2015 Date


The biggest tournament in esports is back this year with an official date and location.

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CS:GO's Operation Vanguard: Campaigns and Missions Explained


The latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation went live earlier tonight, and it's way, way different than previous installments. For starters, there are now 44 preset missions organized into various campaigns, all of which reward you with various drops for completing them.

Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and the State of Episodic Games


Telltale Games has gained a lot of attention recently, after winning several game of the year awards for the first season of their Walking Dead adventure game, they also just released the final installments in the second season of that same game and The Wolf Among Us. They've got episodic adventure games based on Borderlands and Game of Thrones coming out soon, as well. All of these titles being episodic, though, I think it's time to assess the effectiveness and current state of episodic games.

This Half-Life 2 VR Demonstration May be the Coolest Thing you See All Day


Half-Life 2 has been modded for compatibility with the Oculus Rift VR headset, and it's been modded for compatibility with the Razer Hydra motion controller, but like chocolate and peanut butter, no one realized how great these two things might be together until now. This, folks, might legitimately be the future of gaming right here.

More Game Devs Want to Work at Valve than Anywhere Else


The International Game Developers Association polled over 2,200 developers working in the industry, and asked them which studio or publisher they would like to work for. The result? Everyone wants to work at Valve.

Valve May Be Bringing Movies and TV Shows to Steam


References to Steam application IDs for films, TV series, videos, plugins, and music have been discovered in the latest Steam Beta update. SteamDB tweeted the find, which may indicate that Valve plans to distribute more video and music content alongside their PC game and software library.

Did Valve Just Secretly Release Source 2, and Does it Even Matter?


So it looks like Valve may have stealthily released their long-awaited Source 2 engine in a recent Dota 2 update. Specifically, they recently released the Dota 2 workshop tools in alpha form, and after digging through some of the files included with the tools, it looks like there's a decent amount of evidence for this theory. But what's the significance of releasing the Source 2 engine in this way, and why all the secrecy from Valve?

Twitch Will Now Mute Streams Featuring Copyrighted Music, and Why This Might Actually Be Good


Anyone who's used Youtube in the last couple years probably knows how this system works. If Youtube detects copyrighted music present in your video, the entire video is automatically muted. It would appear that Twitch.TV, the popular video game streaming site, is implementing a similar system. Before we get all up in arms about it, though, let's explore why this might be a good thing.

Dota 2's The International Tournament Breaks Viewership Records for Valve and ESPN


It's not exactly surprising news, but Valve's big Dota 2 tournament, The International, was a smashing success for everyone involved. The competition, which featured a prize pool of almost $11 million (the largest in esports history by far), attracted over 20 million unique online viewers.

Valve Considering an International for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Dota 2's The International is, by a wide margin, the most lucrative esports tournament of all time. So far, the community has contributed over $10 million to the prize payout, with over $4 million going to first place alone. It's undoubtedly a huge success for Valve, who developed the game and also manage the competition, so it's no surprise that they're considering how to branch out.

How to Play Team Fortress 2's Robot Destruction Mode


Valve is letting players beta test their new game mode, Robot Destruction, on a new map called Asteroid. The mode has players scoring points by destroying NPC robots, while also attempting to steal points from the enemy team. It's probably one of the most complicated game modes right now, so don't worry if you popped in and have no idea what's going on. Here's a quick guide on how to get started with Robot Destruction.

Steam and the Summer Sale Fatigue


For those who have somehow been living under a rock, the Steam Summer Sale is currently in full swing. Along with steep discounts on games, there's also a meta game of sorts going on alongside, most of which we've already gone into detail on. Already five days in, though, and I have yet to buy a single a game or even really participate in the Summer Adventure. So I have to ask myself, why?

Steam Summer Sale Survival Guide: How to Get the Best Deals and the Most Trading Cards


The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and for those of us with credit cards and compulsive shopping habits, it's a bad time for our bank accounts. On the other hand, it's a great time for picking up those games you've been waiting to buy. With literally hundreds of games on sale and a rotating selection of discounts though, it's hard to know when you're getting the best deal. Luckily, there are a few tricks to getting through this madness with your sanity intact.

The Steam Summer Sale Has Begun, Time for a Second Mortgage


The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, open thy wallets and weep. This year's theme is a "Summer Adventure," with players randomly grouped into five color-coded teams, competing for prizes and glory.

Valve Debuts a 15-minute Team Fortress 2 Short Film Ahead of a New Update


Valve has unveiled a brand new Team Fortress 2 update titled "Love & War," and they've got a 15-minute (15-minutes!) short film to accompany the first round of announcements. The short is titled "Expiration Date," and it finally explains what all of that bread business was about. It also featured the animated debut of Miss Pauling, who's exactly as awesome as you would expect.


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